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Human Heritage, this is the title conferred by Unesco to specific sites on the planet (should it be forest, mountain, lake, desert, building, complex, or city). In Europe, Spain has the highest number (51) of sites labeled as “World Heritage”


The Spanish cuisine is a diverse way to prepare dishes, which is enriched by the contributions of the various regions that make up the country. In the current Spanish cuisine two realities live together: the classical and popular cuisine based on tradition and the modern cuisine that uses the most innovative and inventive cuisine techniques.


“If something is Spain famous for is for its fiesta (Spanish word for party)”. Although that statement may seem the typical cliché, one can say it is also a fact. The rich cultural spanish tradition (others call it the Latin character …) means that each region, each province and even every small town has its own special fiesta to be enjoyed.


In Out Travel & Events

These are some of the services that In Out Travel & Events offers. More specific services can be also set on demand.

Accommodation Service

We look for the place that best suits your preferences, no matter whether they are hotels, apartments, houses or charming accommodations

Reservation Service

To enjoy our cuisine we offer a booking service in the best restaurants.

Shuttle service

We provide transport tickets for journeys in the country, we also provide customized services with bus or microbus for groups

Museum Information

Thebig cities in our country and specifically Madrid provide an exceptional offer in museums and exhibitions, involving major galleries and private collections. In Out Travel & Events provides punctual information on the major exhibitions in each season

Ticket Service

In Out Travel & Events offers an exclusive booking tickets service for cultural events in major cities

Guided tour service

In Out Travel & Events manages routes reservation with guided tours. Urban routes, special children routes,wineries’ guided visits, etc.

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